A poorly insulated conservatory is often a room that’s unusable all year round; it feels like a greenhouse in summer and the freezing cold of winter means you can barely use the space at all. But a replacement roof with solid panels can transform the conservatory into a room that is comfortable all year round and adds real value to your home.

Our bespoke solid conservatory roof panels are made based on your existing framework, which is surveyed on site. The measurements are inputted into our computer system and the outside casing of each panel is cut from aluminium sheets that are folded around a thick layer of insulation. Each panel is then wrapped in a sheet of PVC-free polycarbonate or composite tiles.

These tiles are available in a wide range of styles and colours, making it possible to create a stylish look that suits your home and tastes. The tiles are also designed to withstand heavy snow loads and winds, which means that your new replacement conservatory roof will be as durable as it is stylish.

This kind of conservatory roof can be fitted to almost any existing conservatory, whether it’s a Victorian, lean-to or Gable End extension. But if your existing structure is very old it may be necessary to carry out some structural work before the replacement roof can be fitted. It’s important that the original frames are strengthened, as a solid conservatory roof requires much more weight than the light and flexible glass or polycarbonate panels it replaces. If the original frames are weakened it could lead to cracking plaster, leaks or even complete structural failure.

The thermal performance of solid conservatory roof panels is incredibly good and it’s not unusual for homeowners to save up to PS200 per year on their energy bills thanks to the increased insulating properties. This is because your insulated conservatory will be more efficient at keeping heat inside, meaning you won’t need to heat it as often.

Another benefit of a solid roof is that it lets in three times as much natural light than a conventional glass conservatory. This can really brighten up your new replacement conservatory and transform it into a beautiful living area that you’ll enjoy using all year round.

Security is another advantage of a solid roof conservatory, as it makes the space less likely to be broken into. Previously, a flimsy conservatory roof would be a tempting target for thieves, who might be able to lift the glazed panels off and make their way into your home. But a sturdy solid conservatory roof will be much harder to break into, and this added peace of mind can be a major selling point for your property in the future.

If you’d like more information about replacing your conservatory roof with a solid design, contact your local Ultra Installer today. They’ll help you design your new insulated conservatory roof and liaise with Building Regulations to ensure your project is approved.

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