The popularity of soybeans in skin care products is also increasing day by day.

Soybean Oil

The oil from soybeans is used by many cosmetic companies in their various skin-care lines. Soybean oil is extracted by two different procedures; in one, soybeans are pressed without using any chemicals. So this is the most preferred way of extracting soybean oil. Soybeans in skin care products are often used as a replacement for animal fat as the oil can smooth you skin and nourish it as well. That is why pregnant women and vegans prefer using cosmetics, shampoos and soaps that are soybean oil based.

Soybean Protein

One form of soy protein is glycine. It has been listed by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as an item that is generally considered to be a safe indirect food additive. You will also find this protein in personal care items like conditioners, hair dyes, various skin-care creams and mascara. Manufacturers prefer using soybeans in skin care products because this protein gives your hair shine and luster.

Soy Extract

You can get a potent anti-oxidant from soybean extract. It also has an anti-inflammatory property. It is now believed that even hair loss can be prevented by soy extract. The moisturizing properties of polypeptide found in fermented soybeans have increased the use of soybeans in skin care products and cosmetic industry in general. Lip plumper is another product that claims to have soy germ extract.

Anti Aging Property Of Soybean

The presence of a component called genistein has increased the use of soy extract in anti-aging products. Other components present in soya stimulate the collagen production in your skin which in turn increases the elasticity of your skin. Now scientists have found a way to convert soybean oil into a sunscreen that is both non-toxic and can fight aging. As presented by Joseph Lazlo, PhD to the American Chemical Society, it showed how ferulic acid can bring about this conversion. Both UV-A and UV-B lights are absorbed by such a sunscreen.


There are some cosmetic companies who are claiming that use of soybeans in skin care products especially tropical creams can correct balances of a woman’s body. Products that have been thus created with soy extract offer natural methods of combating mood swing and hot flashes. The author of the book “Don’t go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me”, Paula Begoun informs that there are no concrete research that shows the estrogenic effects of soy extract or soy oil. Eyebrow gel

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