To better improve the beauty of either an old or contemporary home, nothing is better than installing exterior window shutters.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, window shutters can add color and style to any home and even provide a wonderful finishing touch. Before purchasing any home improvement fixture, it is important to know if the product is durable and made of high-quality materials.

Synthetic window shutters made from vinyl and plastic are inexpensive and are available in many home improvement stores. These shutters have the look and feel of plastic, and they cannot be stained nor painted. Exterior wood shutters are more beautiful and useful than their synthetic counterparts.

The best wood to use for exterior window shutters is cedar since it is more durable and will not decay due to moisture. It has natural oils that both prevent moisture and repel insects. Cedar is a low-maintenance product and is usually used in a wide array of fixtures outside the house such as patio furniture, fences, trellises, mud sills, and siding. It is stable and can even be painted.

Prior to installing the window shutter, the exterior should have a complete finish with no unprotected part. All its parts should be completely covered by stain and have several protective coats of paint. The brush can be used to apply the paint or it can be sprayed with the use of an airless spray system.

When buying exterior window shutters, it is important to choose the material, whether it is wood, synthetic, or wood composite. Then, determine whether you want a traditional or a plantation style, after which you can choose either a painted or stained finish. It is also important to decide on the method of pricing and panel configuration. Shutters Newcastle

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