Living abroad can be rewarding but also challenging. Finding the right balance is vital. It’s important to choose a place that makes it easier to keep up with a hectic work schedule while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and establishing friendships. The best countries in the world for expats have a mix of cultures, activities and services that offer a sense of home and comfort for global residents.

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is the third-best country for expats to live. This affluent city-state offers a high quality of life, outstanding schools and one of the best public transport systems in the world. In addition, it has a vibrant culture and many exciting things to see and do, from a bustling food scene to world-class shopping malls and sustainable skyscrapers.

It may not be as well-known as its neighbors, but Taiwan is a great choice for expats. The country scored highly in the Ease of Settling In and Finding Friends subindexes, as well as in the Culture and Welcome subindex. Moreover, it is a safe country where expats can easily make local friends and feel at home.

Vietnam is another top destination for expats. Its low cost of living means that money goes further here, allowing for luxuries such as high-end restaurants and live-in household help. Nevertheless, some expats find it difficult to adapt to a strict one-party state with little freedom.

Those seeking a work-life balance should consider Switzerland, which is the fourth-best country for expats to live. It is a safe, cosmopolitan and welcoming location where it is easy to get around and find a job. Expats can enjoy the beauty of its mountains and lakes, as well as a wide variety of activities such as hiking and skiing in winter.

Bahrain is the ninth-best country for expats to live. The only Middle Eastern nation to feature in the survey, it has improved its position significantly since 2022 and scored especially well in the Personal Finance index. Expats cite the welcoming nature of its people, the cost of living and their satisfaction with their financial situation as key factors.

Malaysia has been ranked in the top five for the last two years and is a popular choice for those who like to travel. The country also provides affordable healthcare, and has a good reputation for safety. It is a good option for families with children and scores highly in the Quality of Life and Friendliness of Locals subindexes.

Portugal offers a warm, coastal climate and a relaxed lifestyle. It performs poorly in the Working Abroad index due to its limited local employment opportunities, but foreigners still say they are satisfied with their lives there overall. It has high scores in the Quality of Life and Culture & Welcome subindexes and is particularly welcoming towards older expats. Best countries in the world for expat

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