The decision is mostly based on the belief that sandals are ugly or old-school.

The same goes for women as well, who are afraid to experiment with sandals as they fear they won’t look as great as sneakers. However, Reef footwear Mens slippers offer many significant advantages over shoes in summer.

1. No More Wet Socks, Easy to Slip On/Off

During summers, you might find yourself spending a lot of time at a beach or lake. If you’re wearing closed shoes such places, there is a chance that you might end up getting your shoes and socks wet. What’s worse is that you will have to wear them till you get back home, which can harm your feet.

On the contrary, you don’t need to wear socks under sandals in summer. Also, sandals get dry very quickly, and you can even slip them on or off in just a few seconds if you want to get your feet wet! While your hunting boots Mens boots are great for outdoor activities during the colder seasons, a pair of open sandals may be a better option for your summer vacations.

2. Let Your Feet Breathe

Closed shoes will cause your feet to get hot very quickly in summers. However, Reef footwear Mens slippers are designed with lots of holes and open gaps that allow your feet to breathe. This keeps your feet cool and comfortable even in the most intense heat. Also closed shoes can cause blisters if you walk in thick shoes for too long in the heat.

3. Sandals Are Not Ugly!

People who believe that sandals can’t look as good as closed shoes might not know how to pair one correctly. If you wear them with the right kind of summer clothing, sandals can look really cool. Thanks to their timeliness aesthetic, sandals can be paired with almost any summer attire.

4. Keep Infections Away

Wearing shoes all day under the hot sun can cause your feet to sweat a lot, making the socks damp. In such conditions, fungal infections are like to happen, which can be ugly, smelly, and painful. Sandals prevent these infections by keeping your feet dry and airy.

Wearing Sandals the Right Way

Now that you know sandals can be a great choice for summers, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of them.

  • Go Monochromatic: If you are not great at pairing colors, play it safe by wearing plain black or brown sandals as they go with outfits of almost any color.
  • Wear Shorts: Sandals look great when paired with shorts. If you want to wear it under chinos or trousers, go for denim or cotton fabric and choose leather sandals.
  • Hygiene First: As your feet are exposed in sandals, make sure you keep your toenails trimmed and your feet clean. This will make your feet look good.
  • Casual Only: Even if most modern offices allow a casual dress code, sandals will look very unprofessional. Never wear sandals to the office.

Invest Properly: Cheap sandals might irritate your feet or cause chafing. Spend a little more and get sandals that are comfortable and fit you well. best sandals for women

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