Wondering what is the best drugstore anti wrinkle cream?

Don’t be confused, but there are two answers. Here they are, simple and straightforward.

If you mean a prescription anti wrinkle cream, there’s only one drug available, tretinoin. (There’s more than one brand name, but no “best,” since it’s the same drug.) It has some truly severe side effects that few women of child-bearing age would want to risk: birth defects, miscarriage, premature birth, or death of a baby.

It’s a derivative of Vitamin A, so you’re told not to take Vitamin A or any supplement containing Vitamin A while using a tretinoin product. Finally, for anyone of any age or sex, there is this startling warning: Tretinoin side effects “may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert.”

So, my straight answer: I personally would not use anything on my skin that carried such known risks or required such warnings.

But when you say drugstore anti wrinkle cream, you probably mean something you can buy over the counter, no prescription needed.

In that case, in years of searching, I have never found a drugstore product that fulfilled my two simple requirements:

— effective ingredients, proven in clinical trials, in amounts concentrated enough to be effective

— free of ingredients with known safety concerns.

The fact is, most skin care products contain tiny amounts of key ingredients, not enough to do the job. Often, they seem to carry just enough so the ingredient can be listed on the label.

A good example is Coenzyme Q10, a powerful natural antioxidant with great skin care benefits. A great many products contain it, but not enough to do the job, and almost always in a form your skin won’t readily absorb — the molecules are too large to penetrate the skin.

The best form I know is called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, which is CoQ10 in a nano-lipid, in other words, tiny particles that penetrate deeply into the skin. It comes as 5 percent CoQ10 and 10 percent natural Vitamin E, which is the combination strength proven highly effective on wrinkles in clinical trials.

Even more common are ingredients that are highly undesirable in skin care, like petrolatum (petroleum jelly or mineral oil), which is cheap but blocks the pores, strips your skin of its natural oils and ultimately dries out your skin.

I list many more dangerous skin care ingredients on my website.

So here’s my second straight answer to the question, What is the best drugstore anti wrinkle cream? There is no “best” to my knowledge. I don’t know a single one I would recommend. buy retin a

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