Ruqyah is a technique used by Muslims to protect themselves and their loved ones from spiritual and physical harm. It is also a way to increase our Iman and Taqwa towards Allah Almighty, as well as a means of healing and protection. This article will discuss what quran ruqyah is, how to perform it, and the signs that indicate it has worked.

Performing Ruqyah involves cupping your hands together and then reciting verses from the Quran or adhkar (Sunnah morning and evening prayers). Then you blow into the cups of your hands and rub them over the part of the body that is affected. If you are treating someone else, it is advisable to recite over their heads as well. You can also recite ayats from the Quran such as Surat Al Fatihah, Surat Al Muwadhatain, and Ayat Al Kursi, which are particularly effective against the evil eye, sihr (black magic), and other ailments.

Once you have completed the recitation, you should remove your hands from the person’s head and allow them to rest naturally on their lap. You can then make sincere du’a’ and ask Allah to relieve the sickness. It is also a good idea to remove any animate pictures from the home, as well as any amulets that contain illegible text or invocations upon other than Allah.

A Raaqi should be fluent in the Qur’an and have a deep belief in its words. He must also have a high level of Taqwa and be Allah fearing. He should be able to solve serious problems by beseeching Allah. quran ruqyah

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