File transfer refers to the transmission of a computer file through a communication channel from one system to another. A number of file transfer protocols have been developed over time for use in different contexts.

Today, big data and IoT analytics are driving demand for high-speed file transfer to support detailed analysis. This combination of speed and file volume puts a premium on the scalability, security and reliability of file transfer technologies.

Our File Size Estimator lets you calculate the estimated time it will take to upload a file over your network or internet connection based on its size and your available bandwidth or transfer rate. Just enter the file size, your current network bandwidth or transfer rate, select units, and click the Calculate button. This tool will also provide approximate file transfer times over some of the most commonly used network links and computer interfaces.

CMS ePortals and other external portals offer managed file upload and download services for external users who need to transfer large files, but the speed at which this happens is dependent on factors like the user’s internet service provider, the size of their hard drive, and the speed of any external device they may be using (like an external hard drive or USB cable). For high-speed, scalable, reliable transfer for larger files, consider MASV, our secure file transfer solution. It’s designed to move gigabytes and even terabytes of data quickly online, so professionals can stay productive and on schedule. Send Files

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