Dubai is one of world’s most popular tourist destinations today. Multitude of activities that take place throughout the year, attract visitors to Dubai from all over the globe. Influx of tourists and business class has led to mushrooming of hotels near Dubai international airport and around the airport. You will find variety of accommodation and hotels near Dubai international airport to suit your requirement. These include luxury and cheap hotels, furnished apartments, studio apartments as well as budget apartments. Hotels near Dubai international airport are very conducive to needs of both modern day leisure travellers as well as business travellers. The international tourists prefer staying in an area which is closely connected with international airport as well as central part of the city. Hotels near Dubai international airport area meet both these requirements of visitors. Major world renowned hotel chains have their luxury hotels near Dubai international airport and offer best of modern amenities and facilities to the customers. These luxury hotels near Dubai international airport are elegantly furnished and are surrounded by beautiful landscape gardens which add to the charm of staying at these hotels. Cheap hotels in Dubai If your budget does not permit you to stay in luxury hotels, there is no dearth ofcheap hotel in Dubai. You will have equally satisfying experience of staying in cheap hotels in Dubai. All of the cheap hotels in Dubai serve to those travellers who want to fully enjoy stay in Dubai but on a budget. You get the best food of your choice, all the comfort and hospitality. You will hardly miss out on anything during your stay in cheap hotels in Dubai. Studio apartments in Dubai Studio apartments in Dubai are the apartments which consist of a hall, a bedroom and kitchen all in a single room. Studio apartments in Dubai are usually available to bachelors and single persons. They are meant for short stay. Many bachelors who come on business trips prefer to stay in studio apartments in Dubai since they are well furnished and less expensive. There are many studio apartments in the vicinity of Dubai international airport. Budget Dubai apartments If you are visiting with family and want to spend not much on lodging then Dubai budget apartments is the best option for your holidays in Dubai. Those who intend staying for longer and desire privacy prefer staying in Dubai budget apartments instead of hotels near Dubai international airport. Budget Dubai apartments provide free spirited atmosphere and stimulating lifestyle at locations within vicinity of shopping malls, cultural and business districts. Dubai furnished apartments A new trend of renting fully furnished luxurious apartments has recently emerged in Dubai. For tourists coming for shopping custom free goods and enjoying holidays, Dubai furnished apartments are best accommodation option. Most exciting thing about these Dubai furnished apartments is that they are very close to exotic locations of Dubai Marina and Palm Islands. Dubai furnished apartments are very well furnished and are comparatively less expensive than luxurious hotels near Dubai international airport. Dubai furnished apartments provide high speed internet and telephone connections, television, excellent housekeeping and maid services. Interiors are spacious, well lit and with built-in wardrobes. With so many accommodation options for tourists, it is not surprising that Dubai has become one of most popular destinations for shopping, business and leisure. Cache courses in Dubai

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