Whether it’s cabinet hardware or a kitchen backsplash, modern style is all about clean lines and minimal form. Homeowners and designers have also been leaning toward hybridized styles that bridge the gap between Modern and Transitional, according to MasterBrand. “This helps balance aesthetics and functionality, as well as personal flair,” they explain. “For example, under-counter corbels, fancy feet, and arched openings are decorative details that can elevate a functional cabinet.”

One of the biggest trends in modern kitchen cabinet design is frameless full-overlay construction. This sleek style eliminates the face frame that typically separates cabinets’ doors and drawers, creating a continuous surface that’s easier to clean. It also helps maximize storage space. Modern style kitchens are also opting for smooth, round cabinet pull handles rather than angular knobs or bin-style handles.

While neutral tones are popular, modern cabinet color ideas include deep blues and rich greens that contrast with white countertops and wide plank flooring. Darker colors provide a dramatic focal point that’s still modern in tone and can help tie different areas of the kitchen together.

Adding accents that borrow from other architectural elements, like furniture and architecture, is another modern trend. Carvings, cutouts, and moldings are finishing touches that can elevate a functional cabinet. And finally, don’t be afraid to mix metals – polished brass and nickel can add a metallic sparkle that contrasts with the clean lines of modern cabinetry. It can even coordinate with brushed gold or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and a copper backsplash. modern kitchen cabinet design

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