There are many foundation stones of Mantra Science amongst which are included its word intertwining and method of chant. Unlike poems creation of Mantras is does not predominate with sentiments or meaning. In fact the basis is in which way the Mantra alphabets should get interwoven so that via its rhythmic chanting, that sound flows which is said to be most required for desired goals. The strings of a guitar are tied in a very precise methodical manner. If any type of string is fitted in any whimsical manner it shall become very tough to manifest uniform sound from them or varied types of Ragas and tunes. In the same way while keeping in mind the sound flow of words and its mutual combination spiritual seers interwove various alphabets in Mantras.

There is a special technique of its chanting. It is just not enough to tie strings to a guitar appropriately because it is also important how the instrumentalist twangs the strings with deft finger movements. Why various tunes and Ragas emerge from musical instruments is this varied way of using one’s fingers while twanging the strings. Merely fixing strings on guitar optimally is not sufficient. The combination of mixing of words in Mantras and devotee’s methodical chanting technique aids the flow of a strange musical tune. Due to its influence such situations are created in the subtle world which is attained as a result of Mantra chanting religious program called Anushthan.

Take the example of Super Mantra Gayatri. In its meaning the devotee prays for a pious focused intellect from Almighty God. For this end there are a pile of other Mantras in Vedic literature. In other languages many such poems have been penned. If it was the case of only meaning no difference can be seen between such poetry and Gayatri Mantra. From the stand of poetry writing Gayatri Mantra is said to be faulty as far as its Cchand or meter is concerned. When 3 legs of 8 alphabets are penned a faultless Gayatri Cchand is created. Yet the well known Gayatri Mantra has 23 alphabets. 24 alphabets come into play only via ‘pulling and pushing’ ‘Nyam’ is chanted as ‘Niyam’. Creators of Gayatri Mantra definitely must have known this error yet they gave importance only to the sound flow emerging from word inter weaving and created it as is been read today. smart home automation company

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