Most of us use our magic makeup wands lavishly to attain the desired look that is perfected to appeal the eye. On days when we feel beautiful and naturally lively, these tools come in handy to give the natural glow a kiss of perfect finish, while when we don’t find ourselves so much up to the mark, it efficiently hides the blemishes. Makeup when applied with perfection can do wonders, but, a slip of this wand can easily wreak havoc. Whether you are a college going teen or a mature corporate woman, lumpy mascaras, bleeding eyeliner and caked concealers will surely be the cause of daily agonies. So here are a few tips that will fit here and there in your secret makeup book and assist you at all times.

1. The most essential part of your makeup routine is a foundation. The right kind of foundation when applied effectively can give the flawless porcelain finish; however, the wrong one can leave you looking artificial and even aged. Choose the right tone of foundation by matching it with your neck and not face. It will help you overcome the stark line where your makeup finishes and it will appear more natural.

2. Drop your makeup brushes and sandstone sponge and blend the foundation with your fingertips or a triangular moist sponge. It gives a flawless finish and the product blends in invisibly.

3. Apply body lotion and primer prior to foundation in upward circular motions; then, apply foundation in downward direction. This is in contrast to the common belief, but your facial hairs are naturally inclined towards gravity. A massage in opposite direction can leave them visibly ruffled and make the foundation patchy.

4. Mascaras usually dry out way before their shelf life, and the result in that unattractive lumpy finish. Add a few drops of a general eye drop or rose water and mix it well with the applicator. The result is smooth and liquid mascara that coats your lashes uniformly.

5. Hiding those under eye bags after a sleepless night or a late-night party can be a big problem, but not anymore – you only need some foundation and highlighter. Take a drop of foundation darker than your skin tone and put it on the actual puff. Now put a tiny bit of highlighter or foundation lighter than your tone and apply it around the dark zone, mixing both carefully.

6. If you want your eyes to look bigger then replace your black kohl with a white eye pencil for the waterline. Then do your regular eye makeup and define the brow to complete the look.

7. The right shade of brow definer is difficult to choose, so here is the trick: if you have blonde hairs then use a light brown pencil, red hairs would look better with honey color and the rest of the darker shades should chose a color one shade darker to their original color. talbina powder

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