Take your street style game to the next level with this premium hoodie decked out with everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero. Featuring stylized screen art inspired by Miles Morales’ artistic style, this super-soft pullover is fiercely comfortable. It’s also got a drawstring hood, pouch pockets and dramatic color blocked sleeves. Plus, it’s emblazoned with the Spider-man crest for ultimate style points.

Post-Clone Saga Suit
Following the clone saga, Miles Morales commissioned Kenneth Kingston to build him a new suit. The new suit is made from Van Dyne Design Studio fibers, which make it extra durable, stretchy and fire resistant. It resembles his classic suit but has a red line extending from the head of the logo to his groin, black stripes on his arms and legs with red webbing, and the spider emblems on his gloves and boots are gold instead of red. It also features a holographic point-of-view system that sends his point of view to J. Jonah Jameson’s computer.

Omniverse Spider-Man Armor
While on a mission to help improve his public image, Peter Parker donned this armored suit created by the scientists at Oscorp. The suit is made of Unstable Molecule Fabric, similar to the costumes worn by the Fantastic Four and has a different skull-like spider logo and cape. It also possesses the ability to manifest waldoes. This version of the suit was also modified with a sexy black and red torso and a purple belt. It also possessed the same gyroscopes and sensors as the traditional suit, but they augmented his speed and strength. Spider-man Sweat-shirt

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