Socket Head Cap Screw
Socket screws, also known as Allen head screws or socket bolts, have a built-in hexagonal internal drive that uses an Allen wrench (hex key) to install and loosen them. This unique feature sets them apart from standard screws, and is what makes them ideal for tight spaces that wouldn’t allow a traditional screw head to fit.

These fasteners are used in a variety of applications, including industrial production, steel fabrication, power transmission and hand tools. They’re especially useful in assembly lines and projects that don’t leave enough space for a standard nut or bolt, but still need to achieve the same clamping strength and appearance.

The hex socket (Allen) drive gives these screws six stress-bearing sides for use with an Allen wrench (hex key), providing a higher torque capacity than most other drives. This strength allows you to use fewer socket screws for the same job, cutting down on installation time and cost.

All types of socket screws are made of high-grade materials, designed to withstand extreme conditions like high heat, moisture and corrosive chemicals. They’re available in a variety of finishes, including black oxide to provide corrosion resistance and a sleek finish, or untreated for a more natural look.

The most common socket screws are cup-shaped, with a thin edge that’s easily compressed into the mating application to generate a compressive load that resists rotational or lateral movement and stands up to vibration. These screws are best for permanent or semi-permanent installations, such as shaft collars and crash bars on exit doors. Socket Head Cap Screw

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