One of the best holidays you can ever go on is skiing. Many people say that they are so fun they keep going again and again. However what if you have never been skiing before and are looking for some equipment. Where do you go? What do you need? Your clothing can affect the degree of fun you can have on a trip so get it right!

Look into the weather before you go. Do some background research into what the weather is like and what temperatures you will be experiencing. This all depends on how many layers you will be wearing and what materials they are all made on.

Ski suits come in all shapes and sizes so there are many options for you to choose from. There are trousers/pants, bib suits, tight stretchy suits etc to choose from. Research into the types of materials you should be looking out for when shopping around.

If you are looking for overall coverage then bibs have overall-like straps which go over your shoulders. There are fantastic as they are comfortable and all in one piece however can be difficult to get out of quickly. Tight suits are great if you are looking for speed! However if you have many layers then the effect is worn off. Ski jackets and trousers are perfect for layering and getting out of it all quickly.

Socks are important when it comes to skiing. The most important part to look after is your feet and some are created for skiing in mind. The best socks possible are essential as they keep a good blood circulation and prevent cold toes. They include more padding within the shins, preventing bruising.

As well as your feet, hands are important to look after in the snow. Mittens, gloves and a hybrid of the two are available. Mitten-gloves are great for warmth and dexterity. They fit your fingers directly into the gloves then have another layer of mitten over the top.

Most of your body heat is lost through your head so wear a hat. The popular option is to wear a beanie, a tight fitting hat. These protect your ears from the wind and stop unnecessary pain. When temperatures are extreme use a balaclava. This will cover over your head leaving a small hole at the front. custom fuzzy socks bulk

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