When you need to re-pipe your home, PEX plumbing pipe offers a cost-effective, safe solution. The piping material is flexible and resists corrosion better than traditional metal pipes. It also has good chemical resistance and insulates temperature, making it a great choice for many homes. It is often color coded in red and blue to help you identify hot and cold water lines.

It is less expensive than copper, especially for a complete re-pipe of your entire house. You will typically spend $0.40 to $2 per linear foot for materials and labor when re-piping your home with PEX. A manifold water distribution system will save you even more money by eliminating the need for tees and other fittings between your main supply line and each fixture in your home.

PEX has many benefits, but like any piping material it does have some issues that need to be addressed. One issue is the tendency of some PEX pipe to leach harmful BPA chemicals, which can cause neurological and reproductive health issues, into your drinking water. Another issue is the ability of rodents to chew through PEX piping.

The best way to minimize these issues is to run your PEX piping to a shutoff valve using a compression-type copper stub-out (left). You should then run a one-half inch tube from the valve to your fixture. This will prevent a loose crimp, which can lead to leaks and damage the pipe. You should also use a PEX crimper with a go/no-go gauge to ensure that you are crimping correctly and firmly, which helps avoid leaks and premature failure of the piping system. pex plumbing pipe

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