Pressure washing is an effective and convenient cleaning technique that uses a pressurised water jet to clean outdoor surfaces. It can remove dirt, grime and other substances from surfaces such as concrete, brick, and wood. This method is often used in residential and commercial contexts. It can improve the appearance of a property and save time and effort. It can also prevent damage to outdoor surfaces.

Regular high pressure cleaning of your home, decks, patio areas, driveways and balconies will help to maintain their look and extend their lifespan. It can also reduce the amount of moss, mildew and algae that builds up on these surfaces. Pressure cleaning can also help to avoid the need for costly repair and replacement work in the future.

If your home’s exterior walls, fences and garage doors are covered in dirt, dust and mould, they can lose their attractiveness and appeal. Pressure cleaning can eliminate these unsightly contaminants and make your house look new again. It can also prevent moisture from damaging the outside of your house, which can lead to cracking, warping and leaking.

The high-pressure water blast from a pressure washer is 50 times more powerful than a standard garden hose, which means it can get to those hard-to-reach places like in between bricks and on the side of a building. It can also be used to remove oil stains from paving and other surfaces. These stains are not only unattractive but can be a slip hazard for pedestrians. pressure washing gold coast

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