The gas heaters Fireplace is an eco-friendly way to add a fire feature that will enhance any space. It produces little heat and costs very little to operate, making it an ideal solution for homes with a low heating bill.

Using an Ultrasonic Technology, Opti-Myst creates an incredibly lifelike, patented 3-dimensional flame effect that mimics real fire and smoke for a truly enchanting fireplace experience. With Opti-Myst, no venting or gas lines are needed and the glass front remains cool to the touch – a safe and stunning alternative to traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces.

Patented Ember Logs, One-of-a-kind Smoke Effect and Unique Light Features

Dimplex Opti-Myst utilizes a patented combination of ember logs and a water tank that emits a misty water vapor. This vapor rises through the logs and is illuminated by LED lights to mimic the color and realism of real fire.

The Opti-Myst also incorporates an effective fan-forced heater to warm up a room to 400 sq. ft. – enough to ensure comfort during the long winter months and the summertime.

Innovative Design, Effortless Installation and Simple Maintenance

Dimplex’s Optimyst cassettes can be installed anywhere in the home or business, transforming the look of any room with an amazingly realistic fireplace display. They can be incorporated into walls, cut-outs or custom mantels and are the perfect linear centerpiece for dramatic installations that will bring your interiors to life.

Optimyst Cassettes come with spacers and slots for customizable flame width and pattern options that allow you to control the size of the flame and the overall flame height. It is also possible to purchase an optional plumbed water supply kit to provide continuous operation without refilling the water tank.

Built-In Touchscreen

The Optimyst HoloFlame uses a self-illuminated touchscreen similar to what you would find in a high-end smartphone, which makes it easy to use and intuitive. Rather than having to manually press buttons and navigate through menus, you can simply touch a button to activate the flame effect, turn the heater on or off, and control the crackling sound effects with your fingertip.

This is an incredible technological advancement, and it’s a very welcome addition to the electric fireplace market. With a realism level that’s considerably higher than many other models on the market, it’s easy to see why this is an attractive option for homeowners who want a fireplace that doesn’t require expensive installation or maintenance.

MagikFlame – Lifelike Flames and Colorways

The most important factor in the realism of an electric fireplace is how it creates the fire effect, and the MagikFlame is quite good at this. The Optimyst uses video of real fire to produce multicolored, lifelike flames that don’t appear as monochromatic and more organic than those created by other models on the market.

Aside from a well-made, easy to use, and intuitive interface, the Optimyst also features a very nifty built-in mood lighting feature that can be turned on or off. It can also be cycled through a set of three different colors that will illuminate the logs and your surroundings for a lovely and inviting glow to any room.

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