Many aging changes occur in the middle third of the face. Oftentimes, these include a descent of the malar fat pads and deepening of the nasolabial fold with the appearance of festoons (ptotic “bags”) under the eyes. In some cases, these alterations are corrected with a classic sub-SMAS suspension imbrication rhytidectomy in addition to a more general neck lift and jowl lift. However, in other instances, the middle third of the face needs a dedicated midface lift procedure.

A mid face lift repositions the sagging soft tissues of the cheek in a higher and more favorable position. This helps to restore the youthful prominence of the cheekbones while eradicating signs of aging and sagging around the mouth and jawline. A mid face lift can be done on its own or used to complement other surgical and non-surgical treatments such as hyaluronic acid fillers or liposculpture.

The results of a mid face lift are dramatic but natural-looking. Our patients do not look “done,” and onlookers usually cannot determine that surgery was ever done.

When choosing a cosmetic surgeon to perform your mid face lift, be sure they have extensive experience in facial rejuvenation and are certified by an internationally recognized medical board. Finesse Cosmetic Surgery is fully accredited and has the highest level of certification available. We will be happy to provide references for you. Our doctors will also take the time to discuss your concerns and goals before recommending any procedures. mid-face lift

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