The project is developed by Matter Real Estate Group and features a mix of mid to high-rise buildings with 219 units. The developer has partnered with various tech companies for the project, including Intel, Google, Amazon, Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue to ensure that its residents will have a wide range of connected devices they can control via the platform.

In terms of the types of devices that Matter supports, the list is quite extensive — lighting and electrics, heating and cooling, locks and security devices, windows and blinds, and TVs are all included in the initiative’s scope. Initially, Matter-compatible devices will be able to communicate with one another over Wi-Fi and ethernet. In the future, they’ll be able to talk over Thread too. The CSA has already certified more than 190 devices for Matter, and it expects that number to grow.

To be Matter-compatible, a device will need to have a Matter controller, which is where you’ll set up routines and automations. Essentially, it’s like the brains of your smart home. Smart speakers, routers and digital displays can act as Matter controllers, and the likes of Apple, Amazon and Samsung SmartThings have already announced that they’ll update their existing products to be Matter-compatible.

You can also use a Z-Wave hub, like the eWelink Homey Pro ($399, slated for February 2023), to bridge your existing Z-Wave or Zigbee devices into Matter. Chipmaker Silicon Labs has also announced that it will create software and hardware to help bridge older devices into Matter. matter residences

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