Grip socks are non-slip performance socks that have a sticky surface on the bottom, typically made of rubber or a thin polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These socks are worn on the feet to provide traction and stability for activities and sports, such as yoga, Pilates, soccer, and other exercises and fitness programs that involve barefoot movements.

Some grip socks have arch and heel support to help reduce fatigue and stress on the feet. Many also have open-toe designs, allowing the toes to breathe and dry more easily, which may reduce fungal or bacterial growth. Some brands of grip socks come in various styles, including low-cut, ankle, knee-high, and full-length, to suit a variety of activities and personal preferences.

What Are the Benefits of Knee High Grip Socks?
Excess slippage can lead to injuries, especially in sports like soccer where the players often rely on quick and agile footwork. It can increase the risk of ankle, knee, and calf injuries by causing excessive wear and tear on the bones and tendons in the feet and legs. The added traction of grip socks can reduce this slippage, helping to prevent injuries.

Many professional football players wear grip socks, mainly for performance reasons. The additional traction helps with internal foot-to-boot movement and allows the players to feel more stable in their boots, which can increase their game. Some manufacturers of grip socks even offer sponsorship deals to footballers so they can promote their product. For example, the Trusox grip sock has a large professional following, with Gareth Bale and others wearing their products. knee high grip socks

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