Many people think that you have to have a gym membership or a lot of fancy equipment to train for Mixed Martial Arts. The fact is, that you can do pro level workouts without all that equipment. You would be surprised to see how little equipment most Professional Mixed Martial Artists use.

There are, however, a few inexpensive things that will help you get in shape a lot faster.

The first thing that you should buy is a heavy bag. It doesn’t matter whether you get a free standing one or a hanging one, although I prefer a hanging bag. The free standing ones tend to slide when you punch and kick them which is kind of irritating.The great thing about a heavy bag is that you get a great workout while simultaneously working on your striking skills. Talk about a win/win.

Another great tool for a mixed martial artist is a throwing bag. These are designed for you to pick up and slam on the floor over and over again. This is a great workout for your body core and works your cardio more than you might think.

As for strength, I recommend kettlebells over anything else. They are inexpensive, take up very little room and are extremely effective. There is absolutely NO reason for you to have to get a full weight set for mixed martial arts. In fact the only time you really need to be doing a lot of weightlifting is if you are trying to bulk up for weight class reasons. Speed and strength are key in MMA, not size.

While there are certainly other things that you can buy for a MMA workout, absolutely none of them are necessary. A lack of equipment and money should never be an excuse for not training. Kampsport

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