Whether you’re a professional videographer or just starting out, you want your YouTube videos to have as many views as possible. Views are a great indicator of viewer engagement, and the more engaged your viewers are, the more likely they are to be open to watching other video content from your company. However, what exactly constitutes a view on YouTube can be confusing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the criteria that YouTube uses to determine a view and how you can increase your video’s views organically.

When a YouTube view is counted, it’s considered to be an intentional play initiated by a real human on one device. This can include a person watching the video on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It can also be a person viewing the video on a website or social media platform via an embedded player. YouTube also considers a view to be an intentional watch for 30 seconds or more.

YouTube’s system is designed to disregard any plays that might look automated or suspicious. For example, it will not count a view for a video if someone is using software to continuously refresh the play button or if the video is auto-played on a blog or website. YouTube will also flag any videos that appear to be malware or spambots and remove them from the site.

YouTube is very careful about how it counts views because there are several ways people try to manipulate the platform in order to get their video seen more often. They might use bots to continuously refresh a video or repeatedly click on the video to artificially inflate its view count. YouTube views

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