So you’ve heard how popular YouTube is on Google, and you want a piece of the action, but how can you make money on YouTube if your videos suck?

That was my problem a couple of years ago; and, although I’ve gotten better at video production, I never was cut out for the gift of gab in front of a camera, and to this day I still get tongue-tied when I know that all eyes are on me!

However, I do strongly recommend getting out of your comfort zone and recording yourself, even if only your voice, in order to learn how to make money with YouTube. Why? Because this helps build self-confidence and can later help you with talking to prospects on the phone or even in person.

But how can you make money on YouTube when you’re tongue-tied at every turn?

When I recorded my first video, I could feel my hands shaking as I read the script before me. Now, when you think about it, that’s really an illogical emotion, since no one was in the room and I was under no obligation whatsoever to keep the recording! That two minute recording took me two hours to complete with all the do-overs! LOL

But how can you make money on YouTube as an inexperienced newbie competing against professionals?

Yeah, that’s the thing; YouTube, although extremely popular on Google, is also extremely competitive. Not to make you nervous about starting this thing… but just sayin’. If you really want to know how can you make money on YouTube, you first need to get out of your comfort zone or you’ll get nowhere.

Fortunately, technology is on our side these days. There are several programs out there where you can record your voice behind screen shots, or even record music behind slides. I recently witnessed an awesome YouTube promotional video with hundreds of “likes”, and no one was speaking! But the images and music was very entertaining and motivating.

Here’s the thing: YouTube is made basically for entertainment. Now, you can get away with promoting stuff on your videos, but you need to make it appear very entertaining for two reasons:

1) You don’t want YouTube to shut you down (which they will if you get as many as six spam complaints)

2) You want people to watch your videos all the way through to understand your offer, not just click on and then off again.

Videos have a way to transmitting emotion with the right pictures, and when you can connect with a prospective buyer on an emotional level, you’ve not only made a sale, but you could have a steady customer ready and willing to buy more stuff!

The technology of today makes it extremely easy (and even fun) to hide behind pictures or images and create your entertaining video. Furthermore, what would you be more apt to stay tuned to… an entertaining or motivating video with funny pictures, or a guy sitting before you in a chair talking about how great his product is. youtube watch time

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