Unlike machine made tiles that often focus on creating the same uniform surface, handmade tile emphasizes the natural beauty of clay and glazes and encourages the process of discovery in tile making. This serendipitous nature can be a real plus for homeowners looking to add texture, color, and unique patterns to their bathroom or kitchen.

Aside from their inherent beauty and the fact that they’re kinder to our planet than sourcing ceramics from far flung parts of the world, hand made tiles also come with the added benefit of being incredibly durable. Due to the thicker nature of handmade tiles, it takes much more effort to break one than a traditional ceramic or porcelain tile.

With the option of custom sizes, shapes and colours available with many handmade tile options, incorporating them into your home is simple. These tiles can be used to create accent walls, highlight a specific area of your bathroom or kitchen, and even serve as a complete room makeover to bring an artistic flair that’s sure to impress.

If you’re searching for an easy way to add a unique touch to your bathroom, consider installing handmade look wall tiles as your backsplash. By combining your preferred pattern and color with this type of artisan tile, you can establish a warm, natural mood that’s sure to be a hit with guests or family members alike.

Handmade tile can be used to create a variety of different styles, including bold patterns and intricately etched designs. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for homes with eclectic or vintage aesthetics. In fact, adding a hint of vintage or traditional tile to your modern kitchen can help give it the character it needs to stand out from other similar spaces.

The most obvious reason to choose handmade tiles for your next project is their distinct, one of a kind look. The unique variations in surface texture and glaze subtleties create a beautiful, natural mood that’s sure to elevate any space. In addition, the crafted nature of these tile options provides an added layer of durability that’s perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

While it’s possible to find similar looks with a few other tile types, none are quite as unique or versatile as handmade tiles. This is especially true when it comes to color. Handmade tile can be found in a wide range of hues, from rich earth tones that pair perfectly with neutral or natural accents to bright and lively shades that add a pop of color.

While this may seem like a disadvantage at first, the truth is that these variations are what really give handmade tile its personality. While you’ll still be able to achieve the same look with other tile types, the finicky size, shape and flatness variation issues that you’re likely to encounter when working with handmade tiles will make it difficult to slap them up quickly on the wall as you would with other tile types.

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