When it comes to styling our hair, the tools we use can make or break our final look. Hair dryer attachments, for example, can help us achieve volume, reduce frizz, and much more. But if you don’t understand how each of these handy accessories work and aren’t using them properly, they could damage your locks or not give you the desired result. This is why it’s so important to have a full understanding of hair dryer attachments and how to use them properly.

  1. The Concentrator Nozzle
    Often found on blow-dryers and also referred to as the “nozzle,” this is the narrow, elongated-shaped attachment that you can use to focus the air flow from your blow dryer for more targeted drying. This is ideal for blow-drying bangs straight or adding definition to your curls.
  2. The Diffuser
    Calling all curly girls: this is one of the most important attachments to keep around. A diffuser is essentially a bowl-shaped attachment adorned with small combs sticking out along the sides and holes throughout that are meant to disperse the airflow from your blow dryer in a soft, even way. This helps retain your curls’ natural shape while also reducing heat damage and frizz.
  3. The Pick
    A hair pick is a type of comb-like attachment that you can work through your strands while you’re drying them to create lift. Typically, they have short prongs or long prongs for longer and shorter strands of hair respectively. hair dryer attachments

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