If your RV fridge is having trouble keeping things cool on hot days, you may want to consider getting an rv fridge fan to help it out. These fans are designed to help recirculate the air in your refrigerator and can make all the difference on those scorching summer days when your fridge is working extra hard to keep everything cool.

These fans come in a variety of sizes to fit your fridge and are easy to install, with no drilling required. They are also weather-resistant and can withstand dusty conditions, as well as heavy rain. They run on a standard 12V system and draw a relatively low 0.23 amps each. You can mount them either inside or outside the fridge with the provided mounting clamps.

This fridge vent fan from Beech Lane has two ball-bearing fans and a powerful 3,000 RPM motor that moves a lot of air quickly. It requires two D-cell batteries and operates on a simple on/off switch that you can control manually. It is fairly compact, so it doesn’t take up much space in your fridge. It draws a low 0.4A of power so it won’t drain your RV’s battery very quickly.

Another battery-operated option is this Camco fridge aerator, which can be easily mounted to your refrigerator’s vent and runs on a simple on/off switch that can be manually operated by the user. It also has a replaceable charcoal pack to absorb odors and helps your food retain its flavor.

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