Goodies Pub

Located in a trendy district, this place offers a nice setting for lunch and dinner with family or friends. The menu is varied and includes appetizers, burgers and sandwiches, and desserts. The service is quick and friendly.

Corporate goodies are essential for businesses to thank their customers, suppliers or business partners. They offer significant marketing benefits. Consumers are receptive to this type of promotional gift and are more likely to remember your company.

Prior to implementing the Fintecture solution, Goodies Pub did not have a bank transfer payment module on its website and had to process all bank transfer requests by telephone or email. This entailed time-consuming and manual processes for assistants, secretaries or accountants, which led to an increase in processing times.

With the solution implemented, Goodies Pub now has a direct online payment module by immediate or smart transfer. This allows business customers to continue to pay by bank transfer while making it easier for the merchant to identify and link these payments to the orders in question. The unique IBAN assigned to each buyer also simplifies payment reconciliation and reduces the risk of fraud. Internal teams are now freed up from time-consuming manual interventions and can focus on other tasks.

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