When you have curls, you need a curly hairdresser that understands your unique texture and how to work with it. If your locks are in need of a low-key trim, a new colour or a total style upgrade, we can connect you with a trusted Tasker who specialises in curly hair. They will come right to your home, examine your curl pattern and work with your natural waves to achieve a look you love.

While the internet is full of self-proclaimed curl specialists, there are well-honed principles that define the true expert. The first is effective communication and thorough consultation. A real specialist is also a teacher, providing knowledge and results that support how you want to live with your curls.

Morley’s kinks and coils may not have that classic wave but his deep understanding of textured hair has made him one of the most sought after hairdressers for curly (and wavy) clients. His advice is always spot on and his dry cutting techniques ensure your curls will bounce back after a salon visit.

Located in Prahran, this salon is a temple to curls. Helen Fraser and her team follow the Curly Girl Method and stock salon quality curl friendly products like Everescents and Jessicurl. Her clients can’t stop talking about their incredible experience at this salon and the amazing haircuts they get. curly hairdresser melbourne

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