Explosion Proof Electric Actuator – YouTube
If you’re looking for an explosion-proof solution to automate your quarter turn ball valve, butterfly valve or damper then look no further than the Valworx 5818 series. This actuator meets US, EU and Chinese explosion proof standards and is designed for use in environments where flammable gases are present. Using a standard ISO5211 multi-flange mounting system the actuator is easy to install and features visual and electrical valve position indication, manual override and a weatherproof enclosure.

Generally electric actuators can be used in hazardous locations when they are equipped with a properly classified enclosure, for example NEMA 7. Pneumatic actuators may also be used in a hazardous location if a supervised latching solenoid is mounted and powered outside the hazardous area and piped to the actuator. This is often more cost effective than using an explosion-proof electric actuator.

Moog offers a variety of explosion-proof products for your hazardous environment needs including servomotors and electro-mechanical actuators. ATEX and TIIS certified, they are ideal for applications such as enameling, chemical processing and turbines. The servomotors are brushless and offer an outstanding power density in a compact case. This means they can be used in smaller control cabinets and help increase design flexibility. Explosion Proof Electric Actuator – YouTube

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