When it comes to dolls, stuffed animals and plush toys, Disney has a lot of them. From Duffy, Mickey Mouse’s teddy bear, to dolls and action figures from Marvel’s Avengers, there is something for everyone.

Teddy Duncan is the older sister of Charlie on Good Luck Charlie and is portrayed by Bridgit Mendler. She loves her little sister very much and does a lot to help her. She even makes a video diary for Charlie so that she has something to look back on if their family does get separated (in the episode “The Secret of the Wings”). She often takes care of Charlie and is very protective of her. She can be jealous or mad, like when she finds out that PJ is text-mates with her crush Spencer Walsh (“Pushing Buttons”). She can also be overly sensitive, as evidenced by her reactions to getting Bs in school (“Study Date”).

While Duffy is the best-selling teddy bear at Disney theme parks and resorts worldwide, there are plenty of other plush characters that fans will love. For instance, Disney’s nuiMOs are small posable and dressable plushies that are great for social media posts. The line of Disney nuiMOs includes Mickey, Minnie and Pluto as well as Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Rapunzel.

If you’re shopping for a hard-to-shop-for Disney fan, check out some of these toys that are sure to delight kids ages 0 to 100. You never know—that old Cinderella Barbie set might be worth a bundle on eBay. Disney Teddys

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