diamond painting zubehör is a mesmerizing hobby that helps even the least artistic among us discover our inner artist. Using an applicator tool and glue or wax, you scoop up diamonds and set them on an adhesive canvas that features a color-coded chart. The result is an intricate, vibrant image that can be framed and enjoyed by all. While revealing your creative side is one reason to enjoy this engaging pastime, there are other benefits, including stress relief and mindfulness. If you’re looking for a new way to unwind or want to find a fun family activity, try a diamond painting kit. But before you do, here are a few must-have accessories to enhance your experience.


Once your masterpiece is complete, you’ll need a safe place to store it without ruining its integrity or accidentally knocking off beads. You can use an art portfolio case that is specifically designed for this purpose, or you can make your own DIY version with an everyday material like cardboard or foam board. When storing your painting, keep in mind that the surface should be smooth and flat to ensure that your work doesn’t get damaged.

If you’re planning to sell or give away your completed painting, consider investing in a glass display case that protects the picture from scratches and damage. These cases are available online or at many arts and crafts stores, but they may be pricey. If you’re not able to afford a glass display case, try placing your painting inside a sturdy plastic bag. This will also help prevent it from becoming dusty or dirty while storing it.

A roller is an important accessory to have when working on a diamond painting. This tool applies uniform pressure to the canvas, ensuring that all of the diamonds stick properly and remove any air bubbles. It’s also used after you finish your painting to ensure that all of the drills are firmly affixed.

While most kits include an applicator tool, you can upgrade to a premium version with a comfort grip and double-sided design. There are also a number of other options to make your workstation more comfortable and efficient, including a light pad and magnifier. This accessory is especially helpful for people who suffer from eye strain or have difficulty locating their drills in low-light conditions.

Besides the standard pen that comes with each kit, you can also buy diamond paint pens with a wheel pick-up feature. These pens have an adhesive wheel on one end that makes it easy to grab and transfer your drills from the tray to the canvas. You can also find a variety of multi-organiser trays that hold different coloured drills, making it easier to access them with your diamond paint pen.

Most kits come in either an entire picture or as a partial drill, but some artists prefer to create their own custom designs. If you’re thinking about creating your own, you’ll need a canvas that is the right size for the image you want to create. You can purchase standard-size frames at most craft stores or hobby shops, but they may dull the vibrancy of your glimmering creation.

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