I know from experience how frustrating a broken heavy bag chain or punching bag stand can be. You were probably right in the middle of a workout when it happened, which means you get interrupted and you have to go about fixing it or buying something new. Here are some tips and suggestions you can use when you’re dealing with a broken heavy bag chain or punching bag stand.

One of the steps that you can take to help prevent a broken punching bag stand or chain is to ensure you buy a chain that’s strong enough to begin with. A bag might weigh 60 or 80 lbs, but you’re not just supporting the bag. You also are supporting all of the force that you’re generating from the repetitive hitting of the bag, which is quite substantial. You want chains that can handle loads or forces of at least 1,000 pounds.

The hooks that you use also have to strong and durable. A strong chain with a hook that’s going to splinter in half from any significant pressure isn’t going to do anybody any good. Once again, buy materials that are sturdier than the weight alone would imply needing.

Also, make sure you don’t misuse or mistreat your punching bag stand or the bag itself. Don’t goof around and try to hang from the bag or to climb it. If you don’t have a long, thin kickboxing bag then stick to using your hands. Simply treating your gear with more respect will help prevent it from breaking in the future.

Of course, you can always just opt to use a freestanding heavy bag. A freestanding heavy bag will generally have a base filled with sand or water in order to keep it in place. Besides not having to worry about a broken chain or punching bag stand, you can also move the bag around from place to place.

Many models are also adjustable, and some such as the Century Bob bag are also in the shape and proportions of a person, providing a useful and unique target. Plus, a freestanding heavy bag also eliminates the noise and vibrations provided by a classic hanging bag or punching bag stand.

Dealing with a broken heavy bag chain or punching bag stand is always going to be a hassle. Follow some of the advice here to prevent the problem from happening, or consider purchasing a freestanding heavy bag to use which eliminates that issue and provides many other benefits as well. MK sales bag uk

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