Colonial window shutters, also known as traditional shutters, are routinely found in colonial style properties in America. They consist of movable slats called louvers, which are approximately one inch in width. Traditional window shutters aim to reduce the amount of heat gained from solar sources and in addition to this, they help to block UV light. As a result, these window shutters will prevent household fabrics from becoming decolorized. Due to the small width of their slats, colonial window treatments do not prevent as much light as the other styles of shutters available on the market. However, this often means that in comparison to the other types of interior shutters that are available, colonial window shades, blinds, and shutters are more affordable.

Originally introduced in properties found in cooler climes, the purpose of interior colonial window treatments was to aid temperature control. The slats of traditional window treatments were originally designed to be short and narrow, enabling protection against harsh, northern style climes. Today, colonial shutters will reward you with the maximum possible available privacy and will provide added security to your property. In addition to this, colonial shutters aid in filtering out noise from the outdoors.

Traditional shutters can typically be made from either wood or faux wood, depending upon individual preference. The material from which the shutters are made can be chosen to complement pre-existing household decor. Traditional shutters can be finished using either stain or paint. Whatever the chosen finish, colonial shutters should always prove flawless in appearance and simple to maintain. Colonial shutters should be dusted weekly with the use of a feather duster. Alternatively, a vacuum with a brush attachment can be used for this purpose. Colonial shutters should last a lifetime if they are correctly cared for.

Prior to the purchase of colonial shutters, precise measurements of the window unit should be made so that the installation of the window shutters will result in a tight seal all the way around the window unit. To accomplish a secure seal, an inside mount should be adopted. This allows for greater reduction of solar heat. Alternatively, an outside mount may be used. However, this type of mount results in there being a large amount of free space in between the pane of the window and the shutter itself. A consumer may choose to fit colonial window shutters themselves or they may decide to hire a professional to install the shutters on their behalf. Shutters Newcastle

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