The AstroPay Wallet is a global alternative online payment system that offers convenient and secure transactions in various currencies and across the world. It is a fast, safe and reliable way to make payments online and is used by many popular online merchants, gaming websites and other companies. The system also supports different types of transfers, and its customers can benefit from a large number of rewards, such as free vouchers, increased purchase limit and exclusive technical support.

AstroPay has partnered with a wide range of international companies and retailers. The company’s website lists over 100 partnered sites, which can be searched by name or location. Users can pay on these partnered sites using AstroPay, which has no transaction fee and keeps personal and banking details private. The company’s mobile application allows users to manage their account on the go, including adding and removing cards.

Users can buy AstroPay cards from the company’s website or through its authorized resellers. A card has a value of 10 to 100 in the currency of choice and is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Users can redeem the card on any site that accepts it, and can use the code in their AstroPay Wallet to pay for items or services.

To deposit funds with AstroPay, a user must first create an account with a Forex broker that accepts this payment method. After creating an account, the user must navigate to the ‘Deposit’ or ‘Funding’ section of the Forex broker’s website and choose AstroPay as the preferred payment method. The user must then input their AstroPay information, including the PIN number, and confirm the deposit. Buy Astro Pay

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