Whether you’re making a cup of tea or boiling up a pan of pasta, cooking dinner, washing up or simply hydrating, having instant access to hot and chilled water will change the way you do things in your kitchen. Boiling and chilled taps give you filtered, instant boiling and cold water at the flick of a lever and will save you time, money and the energy required to boil a kettle.

With a range of styles and colours to choose from, you can find a tap that perfectly matches your kitchen decor. Some taps will also come with a built-in child safety spring lock and you can even purchase one that’s suitable for under sink use so it doesn’t take up valuable bench space.

We offer a selection of both boiling and chilled taps that can dispense both boiling and cold filtered water and 4-in-1 taps which will have a compact boiler tank and a separate filtration system to keep your drinking water healthy. You’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out the need for using a kettle and filling up jugs of water to store in the fridge. It’s easy to see why this smart tap has become so popular.

Our range of taps includes both single lever and dual lever options and all the features you’ll need to make your hot and cold water as good as it can be, including a temperature setting that lets you control exactly how high the boiling water can go (some taps can get to 100degC, but we think this is unnecessary for domestic use as it will change the taste of your tea and coffee!). Most of our models will also have a flow rate controller to ensure you always have the right amount of boiling and filtered water at your fingertips.

There are several different types of filters that you can purchase to go with your tap, but we would suggest starting with a simple carbon filter that removes chlorine and improves the taste of your drinking water. You can also choose an ion exchange resin tap which will help to prevent scale build up and a more expensive option will have a silver oxide layer for bacteria control.

The main reason people love these smart taps is that they allow you to ditch the kettle, so you’ll save on electricity and gas while reducing your carbon footprint. You’ll also avoid the cost and waste of purchasing bottled water and you’ll save money on the price of heating your old-fashioned kettle and refilling plastic bottles.

Our premium pick of the best boiling and chilled tap is the Franke Omni, which comes in a range of metallic finishes and has three pre-set modes. Two taps of the dial dispense 60 seconds of filtered boiling water or 30 seconds of chilled filtered water and you can also manually trigger these settings if you need less or more. You can even programme the tap to turn on and off at set times based on your daily usage habits, so it turns itself off when you’re not at home. Boiling and chilled water tap

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