Best refrigerant charging scales are very important for HVAC technicians. They help them calculate how much refrigerant to add or recover from the machines that they are repairing. They are very easy to use as they just need to place the tanks on them and the weight will be displayed on the screen. This information is very helpful to the technician because it helps them bill the customer accurately and also keeps the system working at energy efficient and optimal performance levels.

The Mastercool 98210 is a highly durable refrigerant scale that offers an excellent combination of quality performance and affordability. It has a high-resolution sensor that allows it to offer accurate readings and is also able to support multiple cylinder sizes. Moreover, it can measure the weight of the cylinders in three different metrics and can display them on its LCD display unit.

Its slip-resistant weighing platform is also very durable and can easily handle the pressure from the tanks. This makes it an ideal choice for HVAC techs who work in various environments. Another great feature is its charge programming that allows the user to dictate the amount of refrigerant that they will be flowing in or out of the cylinders.

The F2C is a very affordable option and is the cheapest scale that we have included in this article. It offers a decent 220 lb weight limit and comes with a hard carrying case. It also features a 1-year long warranty for added convenience. Best refrigerant charging scales

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