Michael Kors is a high-end designer brand that produces a variety of stylish bags. Some of these bags are made from real leather, while others are designed with other materials such as coated canvas and faux leather. It is important to examine each bag before purchasing to ensure that it is authentic. Authentic MK bags should also be priced reasonably.

The logos on mk bags should be clear and easy to read. The letters should be evenly spaced and centered on the logo emblem. The metal hardware should also look sturdy and not cheap or plastic. A genuine MK bag will also have a heavy feel when you hold it. It is also important to note that some MK bags are designed with a different logo, and the MK name should appear in a distinct font.

Authentic MK bags are crafted with premium leather and other materials, and the stitching should be strong and well-done. If the stitching seems sloppy, it is probably a fake. Additionally, the stitching on the bottom of a genuine MK bag should be done properly, and there will be no gaps between the stitches. In addition, the zipper on an authentic MK bag should close smoothly and easily.

While many people consider Michael Kors a luxury designer, the company is actually a contemporary brand that offers plenty of fun designs at affordable prices. However, shoppers should be careful when shopping online for mk bags, as counterfeiters often produce and sell imitations of the real thing. mk bags

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