Video content is an effective tool for marketers to increase reach, engagement, and conversions. But producing quality video is not an easy task. Writing a script, getting all the footage, and editing everything to perfection can take up huge chunks of time in the process. AI is here to help, with ai video generators that can streamline the entire process of creating videos. The following are the best ai video generator tools for you to consider:

KapwingKapwing’s B-roll Generator feature scans your rough cut video, then provides studio-grade stock footage and graphics to complete your final video. It can also translate your video to a new language in seconds, making it perfect for reaching a global audience. Plus, it has a full creative suite with 100+ editing tools to make your videos look professional.

Lumen5 is a machine learning AI video generator that can take a blog or whitepaper and create an entire video with scenes and audio. It can even predict how likely a clip will go viral, based on a metric it has created for this purpose. This tool is ideal for anyone who needs a simple but high-quality explainer video or viral-ready clips. Its template options and audio editing features are not as robust as the other tools on this list, however.

Hour One
Hour One offers a realistic virtual human AI Video Presenter, as well as the ability to clone or record your own voice and customize the sound to match your branding. It can also generate captions and subtitles and automatically reformat video for different social media channels, all with a single click. ai video generator

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