Video Editor SDK enables your app to add professional video editing and a variety of effects. Its API supports iOS, Android and Windows and offers the option of GPU-accelerated rendering through Metal or GPUImage3.

Adding video editing to your app requires a powerful infrastructure capable of processing multiple videos at once, while minimizing latency. Creatomate’s video editing API is designed to do just that. Its pricing starts at a level comparable to AWS EC2 and is scalable up to a single server.

Create video collages — easily arrange several videos to create an immersive, engaging experience that viewers will love sharing. It’s perfect for vloggers, photographers and bloggers who want to share their work in the most creative way possible.

Edit video using filters and overlays to create the look you’re after. Choose from over 60 state-of-the-art presets that allow you to achieve a unique style and mood with ease.

Trim and crop footage from your device to cut out specific scenes, remove unwanted parts or give your videos a more polished look. Whether you’re recording on a mobile phone, a camcorder or your computer screen, you can easily trim and crop your content.

Upload your videos directly from the app to share them online or to your Facebook page, Instagram account or other social media channels. You can also add stickers, text and music to your videos.

Make your videos interactive — Adventr makes it easy to add actions like purchasing, texting or making a call directly from your videos. Track impressions, choices made, view time, geo-location, devices used and more with powerful analytics and insights.

Build video tutorials for students and employees to improve learning outcomes. With customizable templates and AI-powered One Tap Edit, you can produce engaging videos that are easy to share on social media.

Personalize your video by creating custom frames, overlays, and stickers for each clip you add to the timeline. Over 60 filters cover all state-of-the-art, including radial and mirrored blurs.

Use filters, overlays and frame to enhance your content, or simply to provide a more cinematic experience for your users. You can even create role based design templates that jumpstart your users’ creativity and automate their designs to ensure brand consistency across all of your videos.

Quickly edit and trim HD videos on a mobile device to get the best results without losing quality or detail. Save your edited HD videos to a custom location on your device.

Faster, simpler and more reliable than building your own video infrastructure, the Creatomate video editing API is ideal for apps that require a robust and efficient solution that will handle dozens of videos simultaneously.

Adding video editing to your app will boost your marketing campaigns, increase brand awareness and enhance your customers’ digital experiences. It’s a great way to engage with your users on any device and scale to reach a global audience.

Video is a powerful tool for storytelling, and it’s an essential part of the digital media ecosystem. It helps people tell their stories, remember special events and share memories with friends. It’s also a great way to connect with your community and build your brand. alternatives

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