An integrated LED cylinder light fixture illuminates a space with style and practicality. This category of fixtures comes in a variety of sizes, finishes and features to complement any interior design scheme. These lights are popular in restaurants and retail spaces where downlighting can highlight products and accent architectural details. They also provide a unique lighting effect in hallways and lobbies. Cylinder-shaped fixtures are also available for use outside where they provide a sophisticated, modern aesthetic.

There are many variations of this type of fixture, including flush mount, semi-flush and surface mount. Flush mount cylinder fixtures fit flat against a ceiling for a low-profile appearance. They can be grouped together for a more decorative look or installed alone to emphasize a high point in the room. Semi-flush mount cylinders are enveloped by a curved arm that gives them a more decorative touch than traditional flush mount products. Surface mount cylinders attach directly to the ceiling and are an excellent choice for areas where you want a more subtle profile.

In addition to the standard physically-based Light Path Expression settings, this type of fixture can be used to control Radiance, Shadow Color, Samples and Cylinder Radius. These controls are accessible from the Item Properties dialog for this type of fixture.

Radiance sets the intensity of the light in a radial fashion. Increasing this value increases the intensity, and decreasing it reduces it. This attribute can be useful when you are trying to mimic the way that a physical light source behaves.

This light has a number of additional controls, including Position and Rotation, that are accessible from the Item Properties dialog for the fixture. You can also access these controls by right-clicking on the fixture in the 3D view and selecting Item Transform. These options allow you to set the desired location and rotation for the fixture without having to adjust the Light Path Expression in the 3D viewport.

The MW Lighting LED Up and Down Cylinder Wall Sconce uses an internal reflector to maximize lumen output. It’s suitable for wet locations and installs easily in a standard junction box.

These lights are a great addition to any outdoor space. You can use them as landscape lighting to brighten plants and flowers or place them near doors and windows for a more welcoming illumination. They can also be mounted on the walls of a home for a decorative accent. For example, you can place one of these fixtures over a doorway to illuminate the frame and give it a warm glow at night. These lights are a good option for offices and galleries as well, where you can use them to highlight paintings and other artwork. This category of lighting is also a great choice for corridors and other large, open spaces where you need up and downlighting. You can even find these lights with a decorative frosted lens to add a more classic or traditional look to your space.

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