How great it would be if you had an option from business to assist you with almost everything? Ecommerce customer service can do just that for you by giving you a delightful experience each time. The customer service representatives create a seamless customer experience across all channels by helping them with every step, if needed, from making online shopping decisions to resolving after-sales issues.

Today, the world lives in an age of convenience and where customers want it all, instantly! Customer service and the customer experience are becoming key differentiators for eCommerce brands. More the expectations of customers, more businesses will tap into eCommerce customer service outsourcing competition to stay ahead in the market.

59% of customers say that they have higher expectations for customer support than they had a year ago. (Source)

There are going to be endless opportunities that will attract your consumers with higher products and qualities available in the market. It is up to you to maintain and give a memorable and exceptional experience to the consumers which will keep them loyal to your business.What is eCommerce call center outsourcing?

It does not matter if you are a newly established firm or an existing player in the market with a well-known brand, customer service will always be an ingredient to keep you ahead. We suggest you provide an omnichannel customer experience for customers by leveraging the latest technology through outsourcing your call center activities to an expert service provider.

Particularly with eCommerce businesses, every customer interaction is an opportunity to make additional revenue. An eCommerce call center outsourcing service provider hires skilled agents and precisely trains them to handle customer issues and create meaningful customer relationships. It maximizes ROI through up-selling and cross-selling practices. The aim of the eCommerce call center outsourcing service provider will be to reduce the cost and grow average order value while creating a significant impact on the business bottom line.

The outsourcing partners leverage flagship technologies and best practices to help customers to find resolutions over the call without having to wait much. This escalates to a level that improves customer satisfaction and reduces agent workloads. As an eCommerce business, you will experience fluctuation in customer queries throughout the year, sometimes high and sometimes low. Therefore, you should be prepared to handle and scale agents when peak demand requires, especially during holidays. It is pivotal to partner with a service provider who is flexible and able to provide quick, customer-friendly call center services at all times.Commonly outsourced eCommerce customer service

Modern customers expect to connect with the brand through different touchpoints, with the channel of their choice like chat, email, and social media, apart from voice interactions. Therefore, eCommerce businesses outsource a variety of support channels from one or different service providers to get in touch with them. Here are a few of the most commonly outsourced eCommerce customer services.Call center

Call centers support simply means assisting customers through voice interactions over the phone call. The call center agents need to know and speak the regional or native language for the customer’s convenience. They need to be skilled, well-trained and have to have comprehensive product/service knowledge in order to help the customers in real-time without making them wait much.Chat support

Chat support is defined as resolving customer concerns in real-time, using a site-hosted chat interface. The eCommerce customer care team can even automate parts of chat support by simulating conversation through AI and chatbots before the customer ever speaks to a human agent.Email support

Email support is one of the most conventional forms of eCommerce customer support. At times, customer service through emails can be a little slower as it’s queued over time and is not a live process. However, it’s very much effective in regards to resolving customer issues.Mobile support

Text or SMS to customers in real-time is an excellent method to address their issues and queries during the buying process, especially for Gen Z customers and millennials. Trovare clienti

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