Whether they’re involved in contested or uncontested divorce proceedings, child custody battles, or paternity actions, family & divorce lawyers help clients with all types of legal issues that arise during marriage and separation. Attorneys may also be called upon to handle other family-related matters such as domestic violence, restraining orders, or estate planning.

When choosing a family & divorce lawyer, it’s important to consider qualifications and experience. Ideally, you want someone who has extensive experience in divorce proceedings and knows the law as it pertains to your state. Additionally, look for an attorney who has participated in or spoken at bar association family-law conferences and seminars.

Some family & divorce attorneys offer mediation services, which can be helpful in resolving disagreements over issues such as child custody or property division. Others may assist with adoptions or prepare prenuptial agreements. Finally, some firms focus on a particular area of family law such as military divorces or LGBT divorces.

For example, Cordell & Cordell is solely dedicated to aggressively championing the rights of men and fathers through divorce. Their attorneys are aware that the deck is stacked against men in family law cases and are committed to leveling the playing field by providing clients with the resources they need for a positive outcome. Another firm, Kleyman Law Firm, assists people in New York City with contested and uncontested divorces, and custody, property, and alimony matters. They also have experience with immigration law and guide students, models, entertainers, and investors through the process of obtaining visas. אמיר בר לב

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